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Playground Live Music

More people, more places, more music

Why Playground Live Music?

Playground Live Music Wellington specialises in event management in the music industry. In other words, we know how to put on an amazing show.

Whether you are a band looking to perform, or you're a live music fan wanting to listen to some amazing bands, we provide exceptional and professional events for everyone.

Bands we've worked with

A glimpse of the many bands Playground Live Music has worked with since 2020

Benefits of using our services

Alcohol free
to provide a safe environment
so everyone feels welcome

Venue organised so no hassle trying to fit into someone else's schedule

Sound and Lighting Technicians provided
for a stress-free experience

Professional and High-Quality Video Recordings
to show your friends, fans, and family

Portable stage available
so a wider range of venues can be used
so you don't have to wait months for an opening

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