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Everything we do to manage your next Wellington gig

Everything you need, we've got you covered!

    Professional services as soon as we hear from you and beyond

From the beginning

As soon as you connect with us you'll receive professional advice through a consultation. Our consultation services don't cost you anything.

During the show

Bands are allocated a time to do a sound check, this is when our professional Sound and Lighting Technicians adjust the atmosphere to suit your music.

After the show

Our services don't stop once your performance is over, our video producer will create a high quality (4K) video and upload it to YouTube so you can share with your fans, friends and families. This is also where you get paid! If you love our service come back and do it all over again!

Benefits of using our services

Alcohol free
to provide a safe environment
so everyone feels welcome

Venue organised so no hassle trying to fit into someone else's schedule

Sound and Lighting Technicians provided
for a stress-free experience

Professional and High-Quality Video Recordings
to show your friends, fans, and family

Portable stage available
so a wider range of venues can be used
so you don't have to wait months for an opening

Interested in your own Wellington Gig? 
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